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BRISK Tábor a.s.

Vožická 2068, 390 02 Tábor, Česká republika

Brisk Tábor was established in Czech Republic in 1992 from the old factory JISKRA. BRISK Tabor has the rights to supply with spark and glow plugs auto manufacturers like Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Škoda. The quality and reliability of the products leads to official certificate ISO 14001 that was received by the company in year 2000. Soon the company receives the right to supply with spark and glow plugs the factories of Renault-Dacia and GM. The product catalogue of Brisk is growing constantly. In addition to the spark and glow plugs part Brisk started to manufacture spark plugs for racing machines from second generation—BRISK Premium LGS and BRISK IRIDIUM PREMIUM RACING. Brisk also manufactures spark and glow plugs for agriculture machines of all kind.

All Brisk products qualify for quality standard ISO/TS 16949.

That helps the company to distribute its products in more than 50 countries and now in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Greece as well.

Brisk O nama Fotka


1935 The company BRITA, producing spark-plugs with mica and later ceramic insulation, is founded in Tábor
1940 OHM Keramische Werke, a German company from Berlin, takes over the control of the company, and the production is governed by war needs
1946 The company is transferred under the national administration of automotive and aeronautical enterprises PAL (this brand is further used as a registered trademark)
1948 The company merges with its competitor CÍL in Tábor
1953 Foundation of JISKRA, an independent national enterprise, which focuses on the production of automotive spark plugs
A new ceramic material is developed
1960 The company's production program is principally extended by PALTEST diagnostic devices and low-voltage ignition devices for airplanes
1975 Commencement of production of the third-generation spark plugs
Production of technical and electrical ceramics
1988 Implementation of cold working of spark plug shells
Transformation of the national enterprise to a state-owned enterprise (1989)
1992 Foundation of the joint-stock company BRISK Tábor as a legal successor of the state-owned enterprise JISKRA
1994 Certification according to ISO 9001
Expansion of production with exhaust emission diagnostics
New generation of multispark plugs
1996 Commencement of production of speed sensors for OEM ŠKODA AUTO
Expansion of product portfolio with TXS multispark plugs
1997 Supply of car spark plugs for OEM ŠKODA AUTO
Expansion of product portfolio with ignition electrodes and ionisation probes for gas appliances
1998 QS-9000 and VDA 6.1 certification
1999 The company is ranked among best suppliers of VW
The company is ranked among the "CZECH 100 BEST"
2000 EMS - ISO 14 001 certification
The company is ranked among the "CZECH 100 BEST"
The company opens a plant for the manufacture of spark plugs in the Kaliningrad region, Russia
2001 Supply of spark plugs to OEM Lamborghini Motori Marina
Supply of spark plugs for small agricultural machinery to OEM SAGEM (JCAE)
Supply of spark plugs to OEM AUTOVAZ
Supply of spark plugs to OEM GAZ
The company is ranked among the "CZECH 100 BEST"
2002 Commencement of production of the second-generation BRISK Premium LGS spark plugs
Supply of sensors to VW
2003 ISO/TS 16949 certification
2004 Extension of product range with BRISK IRIDIUM PREMIUM RACING spark plugs
Supply of spark plugs to OEMs Renault-Dacia, GM, SEAT
Supply of sensors to OEM VOLVO POWERTRAIN
2005 Počinje distribuciju svećica u USA (BRISK USA Enterprises, L.L.C.)
2006 Ing. Mojmir Capka became 100% owner of the company Brisk Tabor a.s.
Company received appreciation "Original parts Supplier for Skoda Auto.
Establishment of the new product line – spark plugs Brisk A-line
Establishment of the new product line – spark plugs Exclusive
Start of deliveries of ABS sensors for the new car Skoda Roomster
Another assambly line Flex put into service
2007 The pressing machine JERN YAO for metal shell production was put into operation
Innovation of spark plugs DOX15LE1 for concern VW
2008 Installation of other stand-alone assembly lines FLEX
2009 The assembly line for production of centre and ground electrodes with copper core was put into operation
Recertification of quality management system within the framework of standard ISO/TX 16949:2009 by classification society DEKRA
2010 Developed a new range of spark plugs for modern engines BRISK PREMIUM +
Developed and tested a new BRISK Iridium D10IR spark plug for karts
Successful cooperation with leading Czech motocross and enduro riders
Successful implementation of Brisk spark plugs into a worldwide database of spare parts TecDoc
Acquisition of 100% market share in the supply of Brisk spark plugs into the front of the Russian OEM AvtoVAZ
Successful launch of the project integration Brisk spark plugs as a supplier able to supply sensors Brisk production program in the Renault-Nissan
Obtain the nomination letter for the development and supply sensors for ABS VW Brasil
Starting serial supplies STOP-START sensor for VW engines
Start of development work on the camshaft position sensor and crankshaft for a new series of modular engines, VW


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