Certificate for Quality

Quality From the year 1994 the company BRISK Tábor a.s. is a holder of the certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001 . In the year 1998 the company was certified according to German standard DIN EN ISO 9001 supplemented by requirements of automotive industry VDA 6.1 and american standard QS-9000 . Through this the company met basic requirements of automotive industry. The implemented Quality Mamagement System is motivating the continuous improvement process of all company's activities. The aim is to enhance their effectiveness for better satisfaction of customer's needs.

In the year 2003 the company implemented the Procedural Control System and is certified according to standard ISO/TS 16949:2002 "Specific demands for supplies to OEM of automotive industry".
The company is continuing to monitor the developments in the area of quality and in the branch of automotive industry and it is ready to develop and improve the implemented quality systems. One of the demands in the area of quality it was the transformation to procedural company's control accompanying internal assesment enhancement within the frame of company. Together with already traditional aspects of quality systems the procedural control brought several useful elements. Simplification and straightening of informational and procedural flows, improvement of evaluation of internal activities and others were some of them. The transformation to procedural control brought the necessity of new sight of the company and its organizational structure accompanying changes of established procedures and activities. Effectivity, transparency and flexibility of implemented quality system is proving capability of continuous offer of product which fulfils customer's requirements

In the year 2008 the company initiated the process of integrated quality and environmental control which was finished with Integrated Recertification Audit in October 2009 according to inernational standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 . The recertification audit was carried out by external certification company DEKRA Certification.

For following period of time the integrated quality and environmental policy and concurrent quality and evironmental targets were determined in order that at implementation of Self Assesment Elements the Jopint Stock Company would master the preparation for Total Quality and Environmental System Management and within the frame of Supervizory Audit in the year 2009 the company would be recertified according to amended standard ISO/TS 16949:2009 of automotive industry.

In the year 2010 the company started preparatory works for implementation of BOZP management system according to international standard OHSAS 18001:2007 .

Certificate for Ecology

Ecology Since 2000 the company's certification according to international standard ISO 14001 has become a process of continuous improvement in all company's branches and activities. Through the implementation of system measures filled with necessary mainly financial resources the company's management committed itself to fulfillment of appointed tasks and goals. The environmental policy of BRISK Tábor a.s. represents a documented commitment of company's management in which company's attitude toward environmental management system is defined.

Every year the company BRISK Tábor a.s. puts not small financial investments into protection of environment. These investments are always closely connected with production modernization in order to bring not only improvement in production, quality, working conditions of employees, but into reduction of impact on any constituents of environment, too.

In the year 2005 the company invested millions in new technologies which have valuable environmental contribution at present. The metal parts degreasing project was one of the environmental projects which was supported by State Environmental Fund. This project was a part of company's production process modernization. New equipment for metal parts degreasing MIDI 400 in the department Mechanics I was supplied by company MecWASH. This equipment brought not only modernization into production, improvement of working conditions for employees, quality improvement in production, but considerable savings of operating costs, too.

The company developed its environmental attitude in the next years, too. In the year 2007 the company aimed its environmental goals for reduction of waste production, concretely for reduction of sorptive materials and mixed municipal waste. The own solution against high production of dangerous waste of sorptive agents consisted in implementation of closed system of cleaning clothes deemed for reuse. This system saved costs for purchase of disposable classical sorptive materials. The economic gain in the area of costs for waste disposal and costs for purchasing of overhead materials was caused by the fact that soiled cleaning clothes are not considered as waste by course of law of waste management and waste.

The mixed municipal waste started to be sorted to reusable recyclable waste components such as paper, plastic material, PET and others. All production plants were equipped with waste receptacles for sorting of recyclable waste. The assignment of complex waste management to external company was a reasonable step forward in the environmental area.

In October 2009 integrated recertification audit according to international standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 was carried out. The audit was carried out by external certification company DEKRA certification. The company BRISK Tábor a.s. defended successfully these certificates.

The aspect of environmental compatibility and energy industry is a natural part of participation of each employee of BRISK Tábor a.s. in system and process. Moreover this participation includes every teamwork, every innovation, ethic behaviors and pride in working skill and fellow feeling to company.


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